Travel by train

I just returned from our vacation in Germany (and Prague). We traveled entirely by train, no plane nor flight. It was great!

Travel comfort: being able to just arrive at the station, minutes before departure, just enter the train, no security check, keep your luggage with you (that might be considered negative, but I like it). You then have more room, you are not confined to your square inches, walk around freely, Internet, charge your devices with real outlets…

Nature: You see the nature moving outside your window, which is wonderfull and calming. Fun fact: did you know that while going in a train, it is actually you who is standing still and everything else outside moves?

Negative: Price: Actually it is probably more expensive than plane, but that depends on how many destinations you have. In our case (four destinations, not counting home city), it was probably cheaper, but I am a bit realistic here.

Negative: Exceptions: Trains can be delayed, which might spoil your plans. Usually the delays do not stack well, five minutes delay can mean a missed train, which can lead to hours of further delay.

All in all it was a phantastic vacation!